Le Grec Dressings

Vinaigrettes f38caSeven flavourful salad dressings for your table. People all over the province have fallen in love with Le Grec’s Original salad dressing, making it a real success and inspiring Le Grec to create six new authentic flavours. Sold in 350 mL bottles, Le Grec’s salad dressings are made exclusively with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

The key to a good dressing is the perfect ratio of ingredients. That’s what gives it a full, balanced flavour. With a mastery that’s been handed down from generation to generation, Le Grec blends the perfect measure of ingredients to offer dressings that are simply divine. Go ahead and try them! You’ll be amazed at how fresh, smooth, and simply delicious a salad dressing can be.

Le Grec’s adventure in salad dressings started when restaurant co-owner Dimitris Yannopoulos had the bright idea of bottling his great-uncle Jimmy’s secret salad dressing and selling it as the Original. Since then, Le Grec’s dressing family has grown to include Creamy Original, Caesar, Balsamic, Italian, Asian and Campagnard Rancher's, so there’s a flavour to delight every palate!

Le Grec salad dressings
the secret ingredient for recipes that really pop!

Everyone knows that Le Grec salad dressings go great with salad. But they also go great with pasta, fish, grilled meats, and so much more! Visit our Recipes, section for mouthwatering ideas featuring Le Grec dressings.

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Where can I find
Le Grec salad dressings?

You can pick up our irresistible dressings at Le Grec restaurant and in supermarkets throughout the province. Can’t find them at your local grocery store? Just ask! Anyone can order them and everyone will enjoy them! Your neighbours will thank you for the addition.

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